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Friday May 22nd 2015



Daily Right 10/30/09

*A Conservative Earthquake in New York, and Beyond: Conservatives nationwide are refusing to toe the GOP line – and the GOP doesn’t seem to be listening.  By J. Robert Smith.

“Conservatives are more energized than they’ve been in years, but they’re not just reacting to the leftward lurch of the president and Congress. They’re more keenly aware of their principles and of what they want to see and hear from candidates. “Anyone but the Democrat” isn’t a rallying theme anymore…

…The special election in New York’s 23rd district needs to be a wake-up call to politics-as-usual Republicans. Conservative voters and leaders are no longer going to rubber-stamp candidates with “R” by their names.”

Indeed.  Mushy, statist, democrat-lite Republicans are the problem, not the solution. 

RELATED: Yes, We Can, by Doug Hoffman.

“Our goal should not be a Republican majority. It should be a conservative majority. If the Republican party will not be conservative, then we are going to run against them . . . and we’re going to win.”

*Nancy Pelosi is taking a tip from lefty philosopher de jour George Lakeoff and “reframing” the language of the public option.  The public option henceforth shall be called the “competitive option,” because, you know, government regulation and restriction is all about competition.  Allahpundit nails it: “I kind of like this one, just because it’s so shameless in its Orwellianism. If you’re going to go for “black = white” Newspeak, really go for it, you know.”

*The Media Death Spiral, by Megan McArdle.

*Playing for Keeps, by Joseph C. Phillips.

*Dismantling America, by Thomas Sowell.

“Nothing so epitomizes President Obama’s own contempt for American values and traditions like trying to ram two bills through Congress in his first year– each bill more than a thousand pages long– too fast for either of them to be read, much less discussed. That he succeeded only the first time says that some people are starting to wake up. Whether enough people will wake up in time to keep America from being dismantled, piece by piece, is another question– and the biggest question for this generation.”

*ObamaCare’s False Dawn, by Rich Lowry.

*Why Government HealthCare Keeps Falling at the Polls, by Arthur Brooks.

“Rather, public resistance stems from the sense that the proposed reforms do violence to three core values of America’s free enterprise culture: individual choice, personal accountability, and rewards for ambition.”

*Obama is Average: An interview with Charles Krauthammer.

*Stop taking hot showers you knuckle dragging climate-holocaust deniers!  That warm water is the salty tears of mother earth, weeping as you rush to destroy her natural beauty and surplus with your selfish need to bathe.  

Honestly, the nerve of some people.

RELATED: Gullible Eager-Beaver Planet Savers, by Mark Steyn.

“…if you tell people the government is compiling data on them for national security purposes, the left instinctively recoils. But, if you explain that you’re doing it to “lower emissions,” starry-eyed coeds across the land will coo their approval. And the middle-class masochists of the developed world will whimper in orgasmic ecstasy as you tighten the screws, pausing only to demand that you do it to them harder and faster.”

RELATED: Eco-Nuts, Al Qaeda Hate Civilization Equally, by Dan Gainor.

*Is Dissent Legitimate? Not According to Campaign Finance Laws, by Bert Gall and Robert Frommer.

*All Falling Down, by Victor Davis Hanson.

“I hope I am wrong about all of the above, and that human nature really has magically changed in the era of Obama. So close your eyes, listen to the Messiah’s voice, and repeat: “Debts will be forgiven by creditors; inflation will not follow from massive borrowing; breakthroughs in solar and wind will power our cars and heat our homes; enemies will admire our compassion and join us to achieve world peace; and terrorists are either misunderstood or provoked needlessly by our bellicosity that alone stands in the way of peace.”

Believe all that and you can lie back and enjoy the age of Obama.”

ALSO By Hanson: Truman and the Principles of U.S. Foreign Policy

*ObamaLand: Squandering Hope, Channeling Nixon, by Gary Andres.

*Obama and the Old Hat People, by Daniel Henninger.

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